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Ruth Leonard, Chair, Association of Volunteer Managers (AVM) (CONFIRMED)

Join this interactive session as the NCVO explores key questions in recruiting and retaining new volunteers

  • Assessing the latest trends in what motivates people to volunteer and the key barriers for those not volunteering
  • Understanding the volunteering journey and the characteristics of an engaged volunteer
  • Examining how voluntary organisations can support volunteer retention and assess what factors encourage long-term volunteering
  • Exploring the future of volunteering – how will opportunities and volunteering provision adapt to volunteers’ needs in 2020 and beyond?

Shaun Delaney, Volunteering Development Manager, National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) (CONFIRMED)

  • Defining the volunteer journey – What makes for a successful volunteer experience?
  • Assessing the diverse pathways into volunteering and how organisation can support the development of their volunteers
  • Exploring how voluntary organisations can harness the skills and expertise of new volunteers to enhance social outcomes
  • Understanding the needs and requirements of volunteers to deliver training and skill development to support a long-term volunteering workforce
  • Discussing how volunteers can be recognised and rewarded and driven to feel part of wider social objectives

Catherine Johnstone CBE, CEO, Royal Voluntary Service (CONFIRMED)

  • Mapping the key safeguarding risks faced in volunteer-facing organisations and how the organisations can prevent these failings
  • Assessing how charities should manage risk around safeguarding and develop clear policies and reporting procedures to manage concerns
  • Exploring the role of the Charity Commission in monitoring and investigating safeguarding failures
  • Understanding the characteristics of successful safeguarding training and guidance for staff and volunteers

Catherine Edginton, Safeguarding Lead, Charity Commission (CONFIRMED)

  • How can voluntary organisations expand their outreach and engage new and diverse volunteers?
  • What does an inclusive and accessible volunteering programme look like?
  • What approaches can your organisation develop to overcome barriers to volunteering?

Join Tiger de Souza as he explores ideas and solutions for enhancing diversity across the volunteer workforce

Tiger de Souza, Director - Volunteering, Participation and Inclusion, National Trust (CONFIRMED)

  • Exploring what makes an outstanding volunteer manager and the next steps for the supporting professional development for volunteer leaders
  • Assessing how to maximise the impact of volunteer managers within an organisation and expand the reach of a volunteering programme
  • Sharing practical insights on supporting volunteer managers to develop core skills and competencies which enhance outcomes for volunteers
  • Analysing how volunteer managers can get the most out of their volunteers and support new volunteers to thrive

Ruth Leonard, Chair, Association of Volunteer Managers (AVM) (CONFIRMED)
Petula Storey, Head of Volunteering, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (CONFIRMED)
Nikki Squelch, Head of Volunteering, NCT (CONFIRMED)

*Please note the afternoon sessions will split into specific breakout streams

*Programme subject to change

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