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Dr Angela Ellis Paine, Research Fellow, Third Sector Research Centre (CONFIRMED)

  • Analysing the latest NCVO findings on the volunteer experience and what constitutes a high quality volunteer journey
  • Exploring research on who is volunteering in the UK and how the sector can enhance diversity
  • Understanding what motivates volunteers and how organisations can meet the evolving needs and expectations of new volunteers
  • Evaluating the core characteristics of a high quality volunteer experience and how volunteering trends may adapt in the future
  • Discussing the next steps in developing a more volunteer-friendly approach in the recruitment and management of volunteers

Shaun Delaney, Volunteering Development Manager, National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) (CONFIRMED)

  • Outlining the findings of The Centre for Ageing Better review in collaboration with DCMS into enabling enhanced participation for over 50s
  • Assessing how social action opportunities can be harnessed to improve life satisfaction and social connections for volunteers
  • Evaluating the next steps in addressing barriers to participation for those on low incomes, with poor health or from under-represented backgrounds
  • Discussing how organisations can ensure continued participation amongst older volunteers as they face life changes including disability and ill health

Dan Jones, Director of Innovation and Change, Centre for Ageing Better (CONFIRMED)

  • Assessing what makes a successful recruitment strategy and how organisations can engage with new channels and routes to prospective volunteers
  • Exploring the motivating factors for volunteers joining a scheme and how volunteering can maximise the value for the volunteer
  • Understanding the role of effective marketing, brand recognition and innovative communication in attracting new volunteers
  • Delivering flexible and innovative forms of volunteering including micro-volunteering and mentoring schemes to engage new recruits
  • Sharing guidance in supporting training, supervision and volunteer recognition to support skill development and enhance retention

Oonagh Aitken, Chief Executive, Volunteering Matters (CONFIRMED)

  • Assessing the next steps in developing the volunteer management role into a profession and considering what makes a successful volunteer manager
  • Evaluating the role of volunteer managers in embedding volunteering throughout an organisation and gaining buy in from senior leadership
  • Understanding how volunteer managers can maximise the impact of their volunteers within the context of restricted funding and resources
  • Analysing how volunteer managers can support volunteers to thrive to deliver meaningful training and skill development
  • Exploring the value of peer to peer networks, benchmarking and information sharing in supporting enhanced professional standards for all volunteer managers

Ruth Leonard, Chair, Association of Volunteer Managers (AVM) (CONFIRMED)

Join leaders from across the voluntary sector to assess how your organisation can deliver a strategy to measure and enhance the impact of volunteers

  • Analysing how to successfully conduct a volunteer impact measurement which meets the needs of a charity’s objectives
  • Discussing key metrics of volunteer performance and organisational impact and how to effectively gather data
  • Assessing how charities can demonstrate the impact of volunteers as a strategy to attract support, donations and drive social outcomes
  • Evaluating the results from a volunteer impact assessment and assessing how they can be used to improve volunteering provision

Ruth Leonard, Chair, Association of Volunteer Managers (AVM) (CONFIRMED)
Katherine Adams, Head of Volunteering, Alzheimer's Society (CONFIRMED)
Michael Phillips, Head of Volunteering, Crisis UK (CONFIRMED)
Chris Wade, Director of Engagement, MND Association (CONFIRMED)
Karen Ramnauth, Voluntary Services Manager, South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (CONFIRMED)

Gain the latest insights from volunteering leads delivering innovative approaches to broadening diversity and enhancing access across the voluntary sector

  • Assessing how charities can drive new recruitment and marketing strategies which move their volunteering base beyond the ‘civic core’
  • Exploring practical insights on transforming volunteering provision with flexible and informal opportunities to attract hard to reach groups
  • Evaluating how charities can deliver more value for volunteers in terms of skill development and personal well being
  • Exploring what makes an organisation accessible to new volunteers and how this can attract diversity

Peter Olawaye, Trustee, Leap Confronting Conflict (CONFIRMED)
Anne-Marie Zaritsky, Head of Volunteering, Mencap (CONFIRMED)
Paul Needham, Head of Volunteering, National Deaf Children's Society (CONFIRMED)
Karen Sheldon, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, British Red Cross (CONFIRMED)
Ami Davis, Head of Volunteering and Participation Operations, National Trust (CONFIRMED)

*Please note that the final afternoon sessions will be split into breakout streams for Small/ Medium sized organisations and Large Organisations

*programme subject to change