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Mary O’Callaghan

Director of Technology Engagement - British Heart Foundation

Mary O’Callaghan is the Director of Technology Engagement at the British Heart Foundation (BHF), growing pioneering partnerships (internally and externally) that co-create opportunities and mobilise the right people who can make them happen. She is leading the development of the BHF’s first cross organisational data strategy, which will harness the power of data and generate, consolidate and curate insight that enhances the delivery of the BHF’s mission and that of others Prior to joining BHF, Mary was the lead consultant in Z/Yen’s civil society practice, working with a range of organisations, including medical and research charities, trades unions, public sector bodies, financial institutions and hospitals. She was the project manager for the establishment of the award winning CharITyshare, and SPHERE Systems Empowering Healthcare, as well as Z/Yen’s early development of Mutual Distributed Ledgers (Blockchains). Mary is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and University College Galway.