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Raj Gill-Harrison

Volunteer - Mutual Aid Leicester and Carers Health & Wellbeing Forum #carerscount2

Over 30 years of hands-on grassroots community work and a full 360° experience of volunteering and volunteer management in various vulnerable communities, and an experienced Board Member skilled in Community and Non-profit Organisations, Education and Coaching, Project, People and Event Management, Facilitation and Advocacy – and in developing and delivering responsive grassroots, local, rapid and crisis reduction solutions to those in need. Vast array of experience in Community Cohesion and community development, and volunteer led project development and management – particularly for hard to reach, vulnerable and isolated members of the community. Wealth of knowledge, experience and skills in customised set up, coordination and delivery of services to close gaps in needs and opportunities and to enable better access to information, support and resources in the most disadvantaged or vulnerable areas and communities. Strong leadership and support skills, and a strategic business development professional and leader -specialising in voluntary and education sectors, and also in supporting those keyworkers and volunteers delivering grassroots support. With an additional passion in strategically building in policies, procedures, and practical and proactive opportunities to actively encourage and support emotional resilience, health and well being, and self care – through developing support structures, resources and systems into the projects or organisations so that stakeholders are safeguarded and cared for. Having a background in supporting mental health and stress management, and providing counselling, and counselling services via volunteers specially trained, in a variety of various settings, lends itself as an added bonus in supporting all members of the organisation and community. As does having a solid base of skills and knowledge as a psychologist and counsellor, and graduate from University of Nottingham. 40+years experience as an unpaid/informal carer, and a disabled single parent with a passion for helping people gain better wellbeing and self confidence in order to enable them to help themselves and reach their potential.