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Katherine Adams

Head of Volunteering,
Alzheimer's Society

Kate is currently Head of Volunteering at the Alzheimer’s Society where over 20000 people regularly give their time to support and enabling people living with Dementia to live the lives they want to lead. The Alzheimer’s Society has a growth plan for volunteering to extend reach and the quality of our volunteering approach. Kate has a long career within the voluntary sector, particularly in supporting and enabling volunteering, having been Head of Volunteering at Mencap, Head of Engagement & Volunteering at Age UK and worked in a range of regional and local roles at Help the Aged and Age Concern. Kate regularly volunteers with local community groups and has encouraged her children to develop their skills through giving their time too.

Join leaders from across the voluntary sector to assess how your organisation can deliver a strategy to measure and enhance the impact of volunteers

  • Analysing how to successfully conduct a volunteer impact measurement which meets the needs of a charity’s objectives
  • Discussing key metrics of volunteer performance and organisational impact and how to effectively gather data
  • Assessing how charities can demonstrate the impact of volunteers as a strategy to attract support, donations and drive social outcomes
  • Evaluating the results from a volunteer impact assessment and assessing how they can be used to improve volunteering provision