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Michael Phillips

Head of Volunteering,
Crisis UK

Michael is currently Head of Volunteering at Crisis UK, having worked previously at Barnardo’s and social housing provider, Riverside, in national volunteering roles. He has been responsible for and is particularly interested in innovation in volunteering. At Barnardo’s he worked closely with NESTA to develop the first ‘third age’ internship for retired executives. At Riverside, this focus on new approaches to volunteers bore fruit through working with the Cabinet Office to encourage healthier eating and lower energy use in some of most deprived neighborhoods in the UK. Michael is also a core group member of NNVIA.

Join leaders from across the voluntary sector to assess how your organisation can deliver a strategy to measure and enhance the impact of volunteers

  • Analysing how to successfully conduct a volunteer impact measurement which meets the needs of a charity’s objectives
  • Discussing key metrics of volunteer performance and organisational impact and how to effectively gather data
  • Assessing how charities can demonstrate the impact of volunteers as a strategy to attract support, donations and drive social outcomes
  • Evaluating the results from a volunteer impact assessment and assessing how they can be used to improve volunteering provision