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Oonagh Aitken

Chief Executive,
Volunteering Matters

Oonagh began her career in teaching before working in management roles within the Education Directorate of Strathclyde Regional Council and holding senior posts in Glasgow City Council and Fife Council. Her work with the Local Government Association focused on improving Children’s Services and co-managing the Ageing Well programme. In the mid 2000s, she spent three years at McGill University School of Social Work, teaching social policy and conducting research in First Nations and Inuit communities. She also spent two years in Brussels as part of her role as European Liaison officer at Strathclyde Regional Council, and has European and international experience. Oonagh holds a degree in Modern Languages, a Master’s in Educational Administration and a Master’s in Art History.  

  • Assessing what makes a successful recruitment strategy and how organisations can engage with new channels and routes to prospective volunteers
  • Exploring the motivating factors for volunteers joining a scheme and how volunteering can maximise the value for the volunteer
  • Understanding the role of effective marketing, brand recognition and innovative communication in attracting new volunteers
  • Delivering flexible and innovative forms of volunteering including micro-volunteering and mentoring schemes to engage new recruits
  • Sharing guidance in supporting training, supervision and volunteer recognition to support skill development and enhance retention