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Ruth Leonard

Association of Volunteer Managers (AVM)

Ruth Leonard is Head of Volunteering Development at Macmillan Cancer Support, where her role is to consider strategically where volunteering can add value to developing solutions and to ensure a supportive infrastructure so volunteers can have a quality experience. Previously at Samaritans, this fired her passion for and belief in volunteer led and delivered services. Ruth enjoys collaborative working and bringing others together and feels that volunteer management is about empowering and enabling people to bring their creativity and ingenuity to make a difference in their community. She is also the Chair of the Association of Volunteer Managers (AVM).

  • Assessing the next steps in developing the volunteer management role into a profession and considering what makes a successful volunteer manager
  • Evaluating the role of volunteer managers in embedding volunteering throughout an organisation and gaining buy in from senior leadership
  • Understanding how volunteer managers can maximise the impact of their volunteers within the context of restricted funding and resources
  • Analysing how volunteer managers can support volunteers to thrive to deliver meaningful training and skill development
  • Exploring the value of peer to peer networks, benchmarking and information sharing in supporting enhanced professional standards for all volunteer managers

Join leaders from across the voluntary sector to assess how your organisation can deliver a strategy to measure and enhance the impact of volunteers

  • Analysing how to successfully conduct a volunteer impact measurement which meets the needs of a charity’s objectives
  • Discussing key metrics of volunteer performance and organisational impact and how to effectively gather data
  • Assessing how charities can demonstrate the impact of volunteers as a strategy to attract support, donations and drive social outcomes
  • Evaluating the results from a volunteer impact assessment and assessing how they can be used to improve volunteering provision