The Key to Successful Volunteer Management

The Key to Successful Volunteer Management

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Rosterfy is widely regarded as the most comprehensive white labelled volunteer management solutions in the world, providing end to end technology for workforce programs. Our flexible and scalable technology provides the opportunity for streamlined workforce management for paid staff and volunteers for grassroots organisations through to some of the largest events in the world. As a business our mission is connecting communities to events and causes they are passionate about.

Our end to end technology provides not for profits and charities of all shapes and sizes with the ability to streamline their workforce management to help engage, retain and recognise their volunteers. With a customised reward and recognition program, Rosterfy has helped the likes of The Starlight Foundation, Cancer Council Australia and Dare 2 Care to effectively recruit, screen and train thousands of volunteers worldwide and ensure a sustained culture of volunteering within their community.

Let’s face it, it is often down to a few to manage the thousands, whom without, events of all shapes and sizes would never happen. Workforce managers are passionate, empathetic, extremely hard working and often under resourced, which is frustrating to see so many of them burdened by manual and outdated workforce management processes. As a result, the workforce engaged are provided with an experience that sees them simply fulfilling a role rather than an experience that accommodates their individual motivations for signing up in the first place. The result: lower engagement, retention and shift attendance rates, which jeopardises the overall success of workforce management programs.

Having witnessed the struggles that ‘all in one systems’, spreadsheets and outdated technology creates for workforce managers, Rosterfy was built as a solution to mass workforce management. Our core goal: to be the global leaders in mass workforce management technology – and nothing else.

From day one we have built Rosterfy alongside the world’s leading workforce managers to ensure that we are providing the most comprehensive and user friendly solution in the market. Our success is measured by increasing volunteer and paid workforce engagement and retention while saving clients significant administration costs and time from previously very manual and outdated processes.

So how do you create a dedicated team or volunteers?

Understanding why people volunteer isn’t a secret.  But creating a volunteer experience which can be operationalised to thousands, yet personally inspires each and every volunteer to give their all, along with their time, is a game changer.

So why do people choose to volunteer?  For the most part core reasons tend to include; an opportunity to meet like-minded people, to be part of a once in a life-time experience, to give back to their community, to learn and develop themselves, and a personal passion for the cause or for the event.

Yet more often than not the biggest challenge for any workforce or volunteer manager is not attracting volunteer applicants, but how to take a group of individual (applicants) and create a dynamic, self-motivated team of volunteers.

Whether you’re managing 10, 10,000, or 100,000 have a Vision for your program.  Thereafter create an operational plan(s) that checks two very important boxes.

  1. You are able to execute and deliver upon the necessary objectives (i.e x number of shifts fulfilled).
  2. Be customer (volunteer) centric in your approach. Create an experience for each and every volunteer which recognises the importance of their role

This can be achieved with these key steps:

Define the end to end volunteer journey.

By utilising a leading volunteer management platform like Rosterfy, you will provide critical functionality that will empower your volunteers to in a sense manage themselves and automates a number of key steps.  In doing so volunteers can ensure their motivations for volunteering are being met e.g. providing the opportunity to volunteer with those they know, matching their skills and attributes to volunteer roles, or simply ensuring that their volunteer shifts are aligned to their preferred availability.

Make it social.

We are naturally drawn to like-minded people.  Explore how you can connect and bring volunteers together outside of the event / shift-time. If you can begin to create a team environment before ‘game time’ you are on to a good thing.   Similarly think how you might be able to create moments and experiences which create memories.

Recognition not rewards.

A central objective for all workforce managers is to create an experience that brings the person back to volunteer over and over again or to fulfil all of their shifts. Consider how you can shine a light and recognise your volunteers, from newsletters, to emails, to visual recognition, merchandise and media articles.

Streamline your workforce management and come and visit Rosterfy’s Head of Sales, Phillip Gbormittah at the conference at stand 2 or visit our website to find out how we could help you to enhance your volunteer programme.

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